Meet Candace

Hi my name is Candace Asiedua Twumasi, and I'm the owner of Candace Hair Extensions. I know what you thinking and the answer is NO i do not run this business myself. mum (Nana Ama Akumah and dad (Prince Kay Twumasi) are the once who spends lots of their time running my business for me so i can take over in the future. Yes I know I'm very lucky to have such parents right!

So why hair extensions? mum and dad are originally from Ghana which is located at the western part of Africa and hair braiding is a huge thing over there! so i guess its in my roots! I was also born with less hair and as soon as i turned 1 mum started braiding my hair with colorful kids candy hair! I'm 4 years now and trust me i love braiding my hair! well that's what mum tells me so I believe her.

Enough about me, lets talk about my products. Candace Hair Extensions deals in quality hairs that suites any occasion. Candace Hair Extensions has changed the way people now view extensions. After years of research and hands-on experience, Candace Hair Extensions designed a range of extensions to suit every individual’s need.

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